JEFA Tech Repeater Firmware 2.x Manual Update Instructions

IMPORTANT: This update procedure requires that you already have a 2.x version of the JEFA Tech Repeater firmware.
If your Repeater Control Panel ( has the JEFA Tech logo at the top, and you have a 6 character activation code, then you have 2.x firmware

Since you must download a file and apply it to the repeater, you must perform this procedure with a computer (Windows or MAC). It is not possible to do this procedure with a tablet such as an iPad.

You should only use this procedure if you are unable to update your repeater automatically using the "Update Firmware" link in the Repeater Control Panel.
  1. Click the link at the bottom of this page to download the firmware update file to your computer. When prompted, choose to SAVE the file to your computer. Do not try to OPEN the file. Save it in a location where you can find it such as your Desktop or your My Documents folder.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network named jefatech-repeater, or plug into one of the four LAN ports on the back of the repeater using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Open your web browser and go to the web address:
  4. Click on the "Check for Firmware Update" or "Update Firmware" link
  5. Click on "Manual Firmware Update"
  6. Click the Choose File button.
  7. Browse to the location where you downloaded the firmware file in step 1.
  8. Find the file and select it (double-click)
  9. Click the Upgrade Now button
  10. You will see a message that it is upgrading. Follow the prompts.
  11. Download the updated user manual at the bottom of this page